Are you keen to help build the tools you love to use? Love giving feedback? Want a direct line to the UsabilityHub product and research team? Want to connect with other researchers and designers? Want to participate in research studies, or learn how it’s done?

In the wake of various high profile sexual assault scandals, in April 2021 the Australian government launched a series of educational videos about consent for young people. Expecting praise for their investment into addressing this serious problem and their ability to communicate effectively with younger audiences, The Department of Education, Skills and Employment instead experienced a wave of blowback from social media, mainstream media and international media that indicated that their campaign did not, in fact, “hit the mark”.

For our enterprise customers, adding any new tool to their toolkit can incur a fair amount of red tape. From security audits to police checks to custom trainings and demos, we’re working on supporting bigger companies in 2021.

We’re proud to announce a big addition to UsabilityHub today: Logic.

Up until now, UsabilityHub tests have been a one size fits all affair. With Logic, you can show participants questions based on previous responses, which allows you to get more precise with your test design, and dig deeper into participants’ answers.

Hide/show logic

We want you to do more research and make research more valuable in your organization. By making it fast, affordable and easy to run tests on UsabilityHub, we’ve made it easier to do research — but how about sharing those findings?

Milly Schmidt

Director of product building design research tools at UsabilityHub.

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